Twitter Exec Shares ‘Sneak Peek’ of NFT Profile Verification


Twitter’s head of consumer marketing Justin Taylor tweeted a video on Wednesday showing what the company is working on for its NFT profile verification that it first announced last week.

  • In the video, which was prepared and first tweeted out by Twitter software engineer Mada Aflak, a user is able to click on their avatar to edit their profile and select “NFT.”
  • From there, they connect to their preferred wallet (in the mock-up, the default wallets included Coinbase, Trust, Argent and Metamask) and then download all their NFTs from OpenSea. After selecting one to be their avatar, it would then appear with an Ethereum check mark similar to the blue check mark given to verified Twitter users.
  • Aflak emphasized in the video that this was just an experiment with a mock-up, so anything could change.
  • The use of NFTs as avatars on Twitter has skyrocketed in the last six months, making a system for verifying their ownership and provenance a valuable feature for Twitter to add.
  • Despite Taylor’s sharing of the video, it’s worth noting that while Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been an ardent and longtime supporter of bitcoin, he has not expressed enthusiasm for Ethereum in the past.