Powerbridge Launches Green Crypto Mining Operation Based in Singapore


Nasdaq-listed Powerbridge Technologies has launched a new Singapore-based subsidiary for renewable energy-powered mining called Powercrypto Holdings.

  • Powerbridge, which first announced it would be moving into bitcoin and ether mining in August, said Powercrypto operations will focus on developing green energy-powered crypto mining farms in North America and Asia.
  • Powercrypto hopes to achieve a BTC hashrate of 1,000,000TH/s and ETH hashrate of 698,224MH/s, the firm said in a press release.
  • The Zhuhai, China-based technology firm focuses on offering software-as-a-service products and blockchain applications.
  • “We believe this is an opportune time to launch Powercrypto, as we look to expand our global operations of crypto mining and digital assets. Powerbridge is well positioned to accelerate the growth of our crypto businesses and generate promising revenue from it,” said Stewart Lor, president of Powerbridge.

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